THE POTTING SHED is located in a herb garden in the lush greenery of Karuizawa. We host delightful workshops and events here. If you wish to hold workshops or events, please contact us from the e-mail address at the bottom of the TOP page.
Calendula Balm
The calendulas used in the Potting Shed workshop are grown in the Karuizawa Potting Shed Garden. After picking the calendula flowers, we dry them in our original drying room. Calendulas are known as the ‘guardian of the skin,’ as they provide plenty of moisture to your skin. You can make your own balm, using the calendula oil extracted from the flowers, with your favorite scent. Everyone in your family, including your beloved pets, can safely use this balm.

The time required will be thirty minutes. ¥2,000+tax

Beeswax Wrap
You can make a sustainable wrap using cotton cloth and beeswax. The process is very easy, and you can make two beeswax wraps in this workshop. Please enjoy using this eco-friendly wrap at home.

The time required will be thirty minutes. ¥2,000+tax

Soy Wax Candle
This is a workshop for making an air purifying soy wax candle, which uses extremely safe vegetal oil. Candlelight fills your life with tenderness and warmth. Choose your favorite scent, and its delicate aroma will wrap you in its relaxing effects.

The time required will be one hour. ¥2,000+tax

Winter (November-December): In this season, we become a Christmas house in the woods, and will hold seminars for making gifts and wrapping. By doing so, we would like to help you show your gratitude to the people around you.